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If you have ever had to think of a name for a pet, human, or business, you most likely know the struggle Jon and I have been going through.

Picking a name for something or someone, that needs to span the test of time and not annoy the daylights out of you (or them) later in life is HARD. Granted pets can't whine about their name in any language we understand, but screwing up a human's name can make for a rough go at it, and screwing up a business name could really put a damper on people's interest in your product/service...etc.

After a zillion ideas and some really terrible name options, we finally have come to an agreement! There were names in the sea of options that had sentimental value and cool stories behind them, but they still just didn't do it for us. I feel like having a story behind your business name really adds value. It brings people into your story, and makes things more personal.

The name we came up with has literally none of that.

Womp womp.

So, without further ado, I present our new farm name:

**Cheeky Roots Farm**

I hope you like it.

If you don't, feel free to lie and say you do, cause I can't go through changing it again. I'm playing with the idea of keeping the tagline "A free range farm for free range people" because of a comment that a wonderful friend of mine made to me a few years back that cracked me up and stuck with me.

"I love your little free range family."

I had just wandered up the street to her house barefoot, arms full of fresh cut flowers, a baby wrapped up and strapped to my chest, and our leash-less pup by my side. I suppose it was a pretty fitting thing to say really, and I loved it.

The hope is that our lovely new name will add to the playful charm of our farm. Our plan is to bring in the community as often as possible in order to spread love, joy, educational experiences, and healthy food to those around us. A welcoming and a fun place to stop by, relax, and maybe even stroll around the gardens.

We are one step closer.

Hope to see you there someday!


Kelsey & Jon

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