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The Waiting Game

We did it! We closed on our land! It only took a few push backs, a covid-19 scare, and an oddly impersonal closing from the inside of our truck with both bored, screaming kiddos, but we made it through!

Now we are in this odd spot of waiting. Waiting for house plans, waiting for driveway quotes, waiting on the towns approval of a few things...etc. It's an odd spot to be in really, because even though we literally just signed all the documents and handed over the check for purchasing all of this land, it still doesn't seem real. The hole it left in our bank account is pretty real, but mentally it just isn't.

Covid has really put a weird twist on the "realness" of things. Two HUGE events in our lives are occurring right now, building a house AND having another child, and neither actually feel real. I have a tiny womb gremlin doing backflips in my body, but it still doesn't feel real. We can't celebrate these things with friends and family like we normally would and it's amazing how much that takes the joy from things. Metal health is definitely not at an all time high right now, for anyone.


we will be ok. The joy will come back. Even if this all lasts for forever, like it feels like it's going to, we are all learning how to adapt. That's what I'm trying to tell myself anyway.

Well, that was depressing. BACK TO GARDENING!

I am slowly taking over more and more of the house with my seedling stations...Muwahaha!

We just bought a new metal shelving unit and are looking for new grow lights for it. This set up will give me 4 different shelves to grow my seedlings on. It should fit about 12 flats of seedlings. I mean realistically, I'll still probably overload that space, but it's a great upgrade for now! It's currently February, so in our zone 5 climate we still can't really start anything yet. Onions will be planted at the end of this month, and then next month we can really get started. I'm so excited to have fresh growth in the house again. My 50 something houseplants are great, but the growth is even better when there is a fresh fruit or veggie promised at the end! Plus it just gives us something to do. We are very active people, and are so used to constantly having things to do. Our to do list isn't exactly empty at the moment, but it contains things like painting rooms and installing a bathroom fan..........yuck.

Yesterday, after FINALLY getting some snow here in Southern Maine, we took the kids up to the land and christened it with snowmen and some sledding. There should be a pretty decent sledding hill once we get a lane cleared for it, but an existing path with a slight slope worked just fine yesterday.

It has definitely been nice to have our dreams to talk about this winter. One dream we have been focusing on is that we want to put in a pond for irrigation that can double as a skating pond in the winter. Yesterday we found that, even after the deep freeze we had a few days ago, there was a spring running right where we would like the pond. Hopefully that's a good sign.

Next up is deciding where to plant Christmas trees and blueberry bushes. It's wild trying to picture things on raw land. It turns out that I'm not the greatest at it. I did score us a bunch of free blueberry bushes that we can pick up this Spring though, so that will be sweet.....literally ;)

Well, I feel like this wasn't the most uplifting post, but it's the real in our life right now. Soon we should have our house plans finalized, and then we can really get things moving. Days are getting longer, the sun has been peaking out more often, and soon our hands will be in the soil again, so here's to the future!

I'll leave you with this gem to brighten your day.

Cheers friends.

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