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PHEW It's Been a Minute!

Technically it has actually been like 500k minutes.....but who's counting, right?

To be honest I wrote a blog a few months ago. It was all finished up and I had added all of my goofy "gifs" to it and everything.

Then it spontaneously deleted and I ran away into the woods and never came back.


Honestly the past year has been a total whirlwind. Our new house is looking like an actual house, the land we will farm is being cleared next week, our garden is planted at our old plot and is looking great, and our kids are growing like weeds!

Wild. I've been pinching myself a lot. It's crazy that this is actually our life!

So, hopefully this year we will be able to get cover crop planted at our new farm location to get that space prepped for next year.

As for this year, we decided to focus on flowers.

We really want our future farm to be a cornucopia of vegetables, greens, and flowers. Having spent years focusing on veggies and greens, we never really made flowers anything more than a bonus in the garden. Now, as I have mentioned before, we learn best through our failures. Not having that time to fail multiple times with flowers was something we were a bit apprehensive about.

Sure we will have zillions more failures with veggies. We plan to because we really never want to stop learning. Plus they would find us whether we were ready to accept their lessons or not. This time however, we thought that it was time that flowers taught us a thing or two, or 50.

Last year we learned that snapdragons rock. We learned that they definitely need support, or to be planted close together, or they all start falling over like the end of a college toga party. We learned that cosmos are hell bent to take over the world, Coral Fountain Amaranth is super cool, but tricky to make work in smaller bouquets, and Bells of Ireland are a total pain in the assssssociation..ehem.

This year we filled our little garden with all things flowers. Fillers, greenery, main stems...etc. Even Dahlias, which I told myself I wouldn't dive into being that they are so high maintenance . We hope to learn tons so that we can better our ability to grow in the future and offer quality products. Hopefully we will even be able to brighten a few people's days with beautiful arrangements along the way.

I'm excited for this year. I'm excited to see how we will do with flowers. I enjoy putting together bouquets and arrangements. Working with flowers that I know aren't coated in pesticides and chemicals makes my soul happy. If at least 75% of things go to plan, we may even be able to guest vend at a few farmers markets selling our blooms. That's a thought that I am incredibly tickled by. Who knows what the future holds.

The possibilities are endless.

Thanks for checking in!

Sending love and sunshine,

Jon & Kelsey


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