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Overwhelmed, Anxious, and Excited

Well, we did it. We survived building a house together. This place is freaking awesome too. Like, you know when you walk into a place and you're instantly like "I'm not cool enough to be here, but if I'm quiet (ha!) maybe no one will notice?"

Yea, that's us, like daily. SO. RAD.

We still have boxes to unpack, our future farm area is full of sticks and rocks, we have no idea what the soil tests will be like, and I have nothing organized in terms of where our seedlings will actually start their lives. HOWEVER, we are carrying on with reckless (and hopeful) abandon!

It truly is a bit paralysing when I stop and think about all of the things that we need to get done while we are both working and raising three kiddos. I have some serious imposter syndrome going on. "How am I supposed to start a new garden area from scratch??" "What am I doing?" "How am I behind already??"

Luckily, I have Jon to snap me out of my paralysis during the times where those questions engulf my very being.

"Umm babe, we have started from scratch so many times. We've got this."

I'm so thankful to have him as my stand in dose of reality, because I was, quite clearly, born without that.

Anyway, the update for right now is that we are in planning mode. Seeds are ordered (or they were until I found 3 more varieties that I HAD to have....ehem), we have a basic plan for where we want the beds to be, and my spreadsheets are getting organized. Thankfully, I relentlessly stalk Petal Back Farm on the gram (flowers, dogs, and sarcasm...I mean come on) and she's offering some help for wistful dreamers like me this year. She put together a spreadsheet template that is the bees knees, so I've been working with that a lot this year. Flipping magician that one. If you don't follow her yet, definitely do yourself a favor and check her out.

What's that saying? If your dreams don't scare you, they aren't big enough?

Great. Seeing as though Jon is also starting ANOTHER side hustle (stripping obv, have you seen that man? We. Will. Be. RICH) we must be on the right track, cause I'm like 4 seconds away from peeing my pants.



Kelsey & Jon

PRESSURE WASHING. His side hustle is PRESSURE WASHING. Calm down ;)

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