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The Adventure

Two large home gardens and four houses later, we are finally setting up the market garden of our dreams. We have had SO many failures mixed in with wonderful successes over the years. With every failure we have learned so much. The lessons have been so valuable. We look forward to all of our future failures as we start off toward building the garden of our dreams.

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Dream Team

Two crazy kids on an adventure



Momma, dreamer, and all around plant, animal, and soil enthusiast

You know that person who has a zillion projects going at once, yet still spends free moments looking for more things to add on? That's me, Kelsey. Sarcasm, bad (super funny!) jokes, and an all around love for all things bright, colorful, and ridiculous.



Dada, builder, superhero, and all around fixer of all the projects mama starts.

The muscle and engineering behind this operation. No, but really, this guys great. You know that person who looks at a project they have never taken on before, and then 5 seconds later they've mastered it? That's Jon. He basically walks around with "We are the champions" playing as his background music.

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